Things You Can’t Do as target Employee

Who doesn’t love target stores? Target has a cult-like following, and people tend to visit the store every day, they feel like an addict and tend to get withdrawal symptoms if they don’t visit the target frequently.

You can buy anything that your heart desires at target. You cannot come out of the store by buying just two/ three things. Most people tend to forget the things which they need to purchase and get other unnecessary stuff. When it comes to the weak retail people target is a black hole.

Target maybe heaven for shoppers, but when it comes to the employees working in the target isn’t an easy job. Target has a lot of rules and regulations; these rules and regulations make the environment less for the workers; target employees have more than a few workplace gripes. But not everyone is unhappy with the target. According to some people working in the target, the store is a lot better.

So, here is a list of fifteen things that the target employees can’t do.

  1. They can’t Get Creative with Work Costumes

The target employee uniform is the most recognized uniforms on the planet, the target store employees that are working on the floor should wear khaki pants along with their red target shirt, on the rare occasions the target employees are allowed to get a wee little wild and wear their favorite pair of jeans to work.

If you are shopping at the target, you should never wear a red shirt, especially while browsing through the airless of your favorite target store and you will most likely get mistaken as an employee, some of the red wearing customers have posed as target employees just for fun.

  1. Target employees can’t Take Their Time Responding To The Customers

If a customer at target has called, the store employees should better step up and help them. Anytime a customer who is visiting the target store picks up the red phone by the price scanner, and the employees have to come running. As per the target’s rules responding to the queries of a customer who is needed is supposed to be taken place in fifteen seconds.

If the employees don’t make it in the fifteen seconds time frame, then the system will notify them that they are needed a second time, if they miss the second time slot then they will earn it to their guest service scores. The employees get scored on their ability to serve the target guests properly.

If employees don’t make the fifteen second cut time, the system will notify them that they are needed a second time. And if they miss that one they might earn a hit to their guest service score. Oh yeah, employees get scored on their ability to serve guests properly.

  1. Skip Clean Up In Aisle Four

The employees have to be ready to handle a clean up of the store whenever it is required.  The cart attendants are usually the ones who have to go running and collect the trash when someone tosses their coffee mugs etc. on the aisle floor.

Though the cart crew is the first on the line of defense if a mess is made, the other store employees are trained to deal with all the yuckiness if the cart attendants are not available at the moment. All the employees must get trained to handle biohazardous materials like chemical spills and bodily fluid mishaps. The only time they are left off the hook is when the blood is involved, this kind of mess is reserved for the team leader.

  1. Target employees aren’t allowed to Enjoy A Bit of Downtime

When it comes to targeting the term, downtime doesn’t exist. If the tasks you have been assigned is completed, the management will find various other things and way to occupy your time. One California employee states that the most challenging aspect of working at the target store is that they have to do a lot of work in a very short time frame. Another employee sais that the employees are always multi-tasking. So basically through this arrangement, you can make out that there are few employees and more tasks. Just because there are fewer people on the schedule doesn’t mean that less work needs to be done.

  1. The employees can’t Ignore The Redcard Push

The employees at target who are working at the store registers always have to ask the customers if they would like to sign up for the red card and save five percent on all of their purchases. Imagine how daunting can this be to repeat this line over and over again. One of the employees at target said that she left her job because she was pressurized by the management to hit a certain number of red card sig up every day. For some employees, this goal is very unrealistic.

  1. Go Head To Head With Management

At many jobs working with management can be very difficult, and the target is no different when it comes to this. A lot of employees have claimed that the target management staff is completely out of touch with both the everyday employees and their customers. Like a lot of organizations, the target is dealing with a lack of oversight by the higher-ups. Because of this, it is hard to communicate with the management and beyond effectively.

A lot of employees have also reported that the selected supervisors are prone to showing favoritism towards specific employees. Other employees have stated that the management never recognizes them this why they get discouraged despite putting hard work.

  1. Ignore Annoying Returns

Anyone who is working in the retail sector assures that dealing with returns is the most difficult task. A lot of target employees have said that they have put a lot of time putting the day’s returns back after their shifts were over. Imagine working on a long hour shift pleasing customers and then having to put away several carts that are full of restocking away.

Target employees throughout the united states can agree that the worst returns are the ones that they have to handle during the swimsuit season. Everyone dreads putting up the bikinis back out on the floor. Target has a very lenient return policy too. So, if you have kept your recipient, you can return the products which have been opened and used.

  1. Expect Holiday Hours To Stay Post Christmas

Holidays are the magical time of the year it is full of wonder and joy. But for the target employer, the Christmas season is anything but magical. Working in the retail store, in general, is the pits during the holiday rush, but the target employer has it bad. Not only their working hours are long, but the crowd is also demanding and vast. The worst part of working in targets is over the holidays often come after the Christmas cheer is settled. Employees working in target work their backsides off for the chain and often get their hours cut once the crowd starts to dwindle and the new year is around the corner. It’s a double whammy for them.

  1. Tell A Customer They Are In The Wrong

When you are working in the retail sector, the customer is always right. When target employees were given a poll regarding their least liked part of their jobs, they responded by saying that they hate when customers behave badly with them. Customers behaving badly can dampen their day and their mood. One of the worst parts is treating adults as children is the most exhausting part. But the employees are told to do whatever makes the store guests happy, and this includes taking their rudeness, discontent employees have to let the customer think that they are tight. Employees which that they are treated nicely and they deserve respect, but they don’t always get that at target.

  1. Forego The Lingo

Like other chains, the employees at targets are expected to adhere to a specific language that is full of words that one would typically not use anywhere but at the target store. The primary pathway that circles the typical target stores is referred to as the race track. All the employees who work dread working a shift which is called “clopen”, this shift is when the management asks the employees to open the store after they have closed the store the previous night. People who work in this shift would be better of just pulling out the cozy bedding which the store offers and make themselves a little room in the storeroom.

  1. Sit Down

Every retail worker in the country has one wish that they could take a seat while they are ringing the customers. Standing on your feet for nine to eight hours every day in the same position can harm a person’s body terrible. The hips ache, the limbs begin t tingle, and the back starts to scream.

While in a lot of countries, the stores have cut some slack when it comes to their employees. Target still has its workers standing behind their register for their entire shift.

  1. Let Your Smile Slip

When you are working in a retail store like target, your smile should be your greatest asset. The store managers expect the employees to greet each n every single customer with a friendly smile on their face. This act of happiness may not be difficult for everybody, but if someone is having a particularly bad day or someone who is already struggling with their job, at that time smiling can be the hardest thing in the world.

Continuous demands and rude customers make it very difficult for an employee to get through the day with a smile on their face. If you find it difficult to stay happy all the time, then working at a target is probably not for you.

  1. Age Discrimination

According to some employees working in the target is fantastic all thanks to their zero-tolerance harassment policies, But some people state that the chain does discriminate against a particular sector of employees. A few years ago, target got hit with a class-action lawsuit that suggested that the retail giant was partaking in age discrimination.

This claim was made by the older employees that were being forced out of a job so that they can make room for the younger ones. There a lot of benefits to employe young single people in stores like target, but throwing out the older generation for merely getting up there in years is totally legal.

  1. Expect To Make Bank

Target has recently given a notice that they are going to raise the minimum wage amount from the standard eleven dollars an hour to 15 dollars an hour. By 2020 the chain has vowed that they will their employees fifteen dollars an hour. But the thing is that fifteen dollars an hour before taxes are still isn’t that much, especially for the employees who are working long hours, especially the taxing shifts tat target demands from its employees.

Though they may have aspirations to boost their minimum wage standard, they still will have to compete with other stores like Walmart as they are going to raise the pay and offer their employees lucrative overtime.

  1. Target employees can’t Get Comfortable At One Position

Any given day, the target employees have a whole lot of tasks they need to get through, just so that they can make the store function properly. The majority of the store tends to understaff, and the employees have to wear several hats. His basically means that if you get hired as a cashier, you will also have to attend cart somedays, work in stock rooms or do the guest services.

According to one of the employees, the most bogus part of working at target is that they have to work in multiple positions in a single day. So if you plan on working in target don’t get comfortable in any role.